The Engler Approach

Ever wonder who the first person was to take an ordinary piece of wire and bend it to create a paper clip? Or the first person to look at an oyster and decide to eat it? That’s the type of thinking we develop in our collegiate minor. 

It’s the ability to look at the same thing that everyone else is looking at and see not the thing but something else entirely. We equip students to discover a new use, a different application, an alternative, an opportunity.

Even if the idea of running your own business is a bit scary, you can still be entrepreneurial. Companies around the world are looking for creative thinkers — people who can help them do what they do even better.

While your major program provides a strong foundation of specialized knowledge, the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship minor (EAEP) provides the right environment to leverage knowledge from a variety of fields of study into real-world application with a focus on entrepreneurship.

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Core Courses

Core Courses

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