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"I chose Engler because it gave me the tools and support to take control of my future now. There was no waiting around on a certificate or degree.”

– Hunter, Engler Entrepreneur

“You are crazy if you don’t participate in this program. It is atypical, outside of the box and cultivates a skill set necessary for life after college, regardless if you intend to own your own business or not.”

Dean, Engler Parent

“I had no intention of being an entrepreneur but being a part of this program has been one of the biggest blessings and surprises of my college experience.”

– Jacy, Engler Entrepreneur

"The guiding staff will work with your student to spark the fire, encourage them to think out of the box and find the drive to reach their full potential. If you’re thinking of entrepreneurship, Engler is the family you want to join!”

– Glen & Sue Knobbe

“If you’re serious about building something, Engler will be the single most valuable program you will be involved in while at the university.”

– Thomas, Engler Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurship to me means following your craziest dreams and never looking back. I wouldn’t be where I am today without following Tom’s advice to start before you’re ready.”

–  Presley, Engler Entrepreneur

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