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Community matters because…

  • Entrepreneurship is not a lone wolf journey
  • Nothing worthy and wonderful is accomplished without teamwork
  • Partnership is fundamental to building an enterprise
  • Co-founders and friends extend your capacity to solve problems

Anyone who seeks to uphold the pursuit of one’s purpose through the vehicle of entrepreneurship can choose to be part of this community.

How to Join Our Community

You don’t need to go through the Engler modules or classes at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln to get involved in this community. You don’t need a minor in entrepreneurship, your own business or even an idea.


Reach out to our Recruitment Team

The first step to joining us is to get in touch with our recruitment team! They will invite you to one of our onboarding sessions where you’ll learn about our organization, our unique community and how you can start to test drive Engler.

Recieve an Invitation to Sign a Letter of Intent

When you are ready to join our community, you’ll signify this with a letter of intent ceremony. This is a unique signing ceremony that signifies a person’s commitment to the Engler Program. It’s the day a person acknowledges his or her intention to be involved in, learn from and contribute to the entrepreneurial community.

Engage with Community

Once you’ve chosen to be a part of the community, you are in. Start building, come to events and the community will be there to support you as you begin.

Want to join our community? We’d love to meet you.

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